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April 28, 2020
By Kristen Golden Photography

6 months you guys. 

It has been roughly 6 months since I started my journal with Maskcara Beauty, as a Maskcara Beauty independent artist. 

Never heard of Maskcara beauty? Let me explain the basics - it's super simple. 

Maskcara beauty is a new way to makeup. As an artist I will color match you (via selfie or in person) for 4 shades:

- Highlight

- Brightening Highlight

- Contour

- Lip/cheek (yes, you heard that right, it's dual purpose)

All of these come in the form of tins (see below) that fit in your own custom adorable compact. How cool right?

This makeup isn't ordinary. It's a cream with some INSANE POWER to not CHANGE a woman, but only emphasize her natural features. It amazes me every time. 

Our foundation is made up of highlight shades and contour, then a pop of blush. It sounds a tad confusing, but being totally honest it is the easiest makeup I've used my whole life. Literally ANYONE can do this. I have seen makeup newbies get this in their hands and totally start killing their makeup game. SO EASY. Or, if you are a makeup enthusiast like myself you can buy ALLLL the things and all the colors - SO FUN.

Ok ok, so I won't lie. At first I thought I was just supporting my friend. Very quickly I became obsessed with the product and I impulsively jumped the gun and bought an artist kit. Wait a second, what did I just do? Even then, this was all about my love and obsession with Maskcara Beauty. But you guys... over the last 6 months this makeup has changed my life. I never knew that this journey was going to the one that finally made me feel beautiful again. I didn't know this journey was going to be the one that made me love the skin I am in. I never once expected to create so many relationships with other artists and customers during color matching. I never knew that this journey would allow me to SHOW women how naturally beautiful they are. I never knew this journey was going to mean I was going to be a leader. You guys, I cannot even express my gratitude to this amazing company owned by a woman with a pure heart of gold. 

And what now? now I am going to continue to put this makeup on women and SCREAM to the world about their beauty... but also....


I'm going to build a dang tribe of badass women who have a PASSION to make others feel their damn best - because every woman should. 


If you would like your own custom color match email me at , or find me on social media at: 

instagram: krislboone


Feel free to visit my website at:   ( It's very important to get color matched before ordering )