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August 02, 2018
By Kristen Golden Photography

Wowzer. Where to even start. I am a couple months behind on this blog post but I definitely knew I wanted to share! Some of you have seen some of these images already, but I can't help but chit chat about the day. Elliot and his friends and family are from the UK, and working with all of them was a such an awesome experience. I'm actually not sure that I had ever really had a conversation with anyone British but all I could think about was how it felt like I was talking to Gerard Butler - in swoon. (clearly I need to travel more) Haha Anyways, The whole wedding party and the bride and grooms family, were so unconditionally sweet and grateful to be spending their day with the couple - it was amazing. The groomsmen gave (I kid you not) almost a 45 minute speech together... AND WE WERE ALL TEARING UP. Their words were so thought through and genuine. It just felt like we were surrounding by all of these people who were just so happy for Elliot and Drew. The love was real my friends, and it radiated throughout the whole entire day. 

Venue: Abe and Jakes Landing

City: Lawrence, Kansas 

Florals: Stems event Flowers